– PlanetSKI wins silver & holiday to Andorra
– An awful lot of cheese
– Good point, well made
– Radio SW18, The Aperitivo Sessions

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An adjudication from the Quiz Master (see below)

Hi Alex

Thanks for joining in with The Great Big Skiing Quiz this evening, and congratulations on coming in first place!

You’ve won a ski holiday to Arinsal for two people, and despite what James might say, it was your name on the answer sheet, so you’ve won it!



We came second in The Great Big Skiing Quiz on Sunday night and this, combined with our second place last week, means we are the overall winners.

138 teams played over the two weeks with most playing both times.

The event was devised by Steve Hull from Destination Ski as a fun way to pass Sunday  night in these days of lockdown.

Our team consisted of the PlanetSKI editor James Cove, plus his daughter Tashie and son Alex and his girlfriend, Marie.

James’ wife, Kisia, joined via Facetime from Hythe where she is looking after her Mum.

Team PlanetSKI

Team PlanetSKI. Image © PlanetSKI.

There were five rounds: Winter sports, Destinations, Picture round, General Knowledge and Winter Olympics.

They amassed 114 points but trailed the winners Solo Skier, by 10 points.

However as  Team PlanetSKI came second last week they had the highest total number of points.

“The secret to our success was unity of purpose and team spirit,” said James.

“However that has all gone totally out of the window. We are now fighting and arguing like mad as the prize is a holiday for two and there are five of us.

“I am claiming the two people who got the most answers right should go.

“It is the simplest and fairest way to do it and it is of course pure co-incidence I am advocating this as I am the person who got the most answers right in the team.

“The others are saying I am the last one who should go to Andorra as I ski all the time anyway.

“Oh well, I guess we have plenty of time at the moment to work this one out.”

The Great Big Skiing Quiz

The Great Big Skiing Quiz



The Great Big Skiing Quiz took place on Sunday evening and Team PlanetSKI came second with a score of 83, just 1 point behind the winner, Coops.

The winner took the £100 voucher kindly donated by Ellis Brigham

There were 93 points up for grabs from 46 questions and 6 picture questions.

There were 127 teams involved and about 200-250 people taking part in the online event.

It was run on Facebook by our great friend, Steve Hull from Destination SKI.

“I’ve never done anything like that before so not sure how it came across, hopefully well enough to keep people engaged as most people seemed to stick with it,” said Steve to us afterwards.

Steve, the Quizmaster

Steve, the Quizmaster. Image © PlanetSKI.

Well, we thought it was brilliant and a perfect way to pass an hour or so in this time of lockdown.

Questions included, naming where the first Winter Olympics were held, identifying which resorts certain lifts were in from pictures, general knowledge questions plus a food and drink round.

Team PlanetSKI consisted of our editor James Cove and his three children Alex, Tashie and Max who have all been ski instructors.

Alex’s girlfriend, Marie, is Canadian and with us in lockdown.

She was spot on for the ice hockey and curling questions.

And the biggest disagreement in Team PlanetSKI?

“How many ski resorts are there in Australia?”

James went for 14 without a moment’s hesitation.  Alex went for 16.

“Look old man I worked in Australia for a whole season a couple of years back and you have just visited a few times on your meandering travels round the ski resorts of the world. I am in charge of writing the answers and I am writing 16,” said Alex.

Alex proved to be correct.

There is another round next Sunday at 8.15PM and we highly recommend you to join in the fun.

Best Sunday night in for ages!

The Great Big Skiing Quiz

The Great Big Skiing Quiz



As if winning two World Cup Crystal Globes this season wasn’t enough for Norway’s cross-country skiing star, Therese Johaug.

The distance and overall title-holder collected a massive 42.5kg of cheese along the way.

The main sponsor of the Tour de Ski was the Swiss cheese maker Le Gruyère AOP which gave the winners of each event it sponsored 2.5kg of cheese and entered all the podium athletes into the ‘cheese challenge’.

Johaug made the podium 17 times during the sponsored World Cups.

She won the challenge and with it a four day trip for two people to La Gruyère with flights, car rental, a fondue night and a lunch at La Maison du Gruyère.

Second ranked Johannes Høsflot Klæbo (Norway) and Alexander Bolshunov (Russia) as well as third ranked Heidi Weng (Norway) each receive an original Le Gruyère fondue set including everything from stove to wine that you need to get rid of the 30kg+ amount of cheese they won during the season.


And we start with some advice in these testing times:

Now here in the snowsports world we are all finding ourselves with some time on our hands – a rare luxury.

Our great PlanetSKI friend, Amin Momen from Momentum Ski, had an idea and rolled it out last night.


“Whilst many of you have already been tortured with my music over the years, I have decided to broadcast once a week, a 30 minute Aperitivo session (my favourite time of day),” said Amin.

“It will be a blend of my best Supermarket muzak, Elevator, Department Stores as well as Soul, Funk, Disco, Rock, Bossanova, Jazz and intelligent genres such as Steely Dan, Floyd and so on…….depending on the mood of the day.”

“I assume 7pm is a good time for ice and slice?”

Once a rocker always a rocker

Once a rocker always a rocker

And it was. We tuned in all the way through and will be back next week.

Check him out on Facebook Live.


Go Amin!

Amin in action

Amin in action

And staying with what some of our friends in the ski world are up to….


Game on

Game on

“We’re really missing the mountains, so we’ve come up with The Great Big Skiing Quiz to test your knowledge of skiing and other winter sports, hosted by Steve from Destination Ski,” said Steve Hull from Destination Ski.

It’s on Sunday 5th April at 8pm.

Facebook event page

Round one is sponsored by Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports and the winner receives a £100 gift voucher.

There are five categories of questions, including winter sports, a picture round, and food & drink.

Round two will be held on Sunday 12th April, and the combined winner of both rounds will win a ski holiday for two people in winter 2020-21.


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