Colorado Ski Resorts May be Allowed to Re-Open

A small number may offer some skiing but for most it will be summer activities. Arapahoe Basin is one that wants to offer skiing again as others say it is too late.

The Colorado governor, Jared Polis, has laid out a plan to open outdoor recreational areas.

State parks will once again allow camping, starting on Tuesday 12th May, while a decision on whether ski resorts, restaurants and summer camps can reopen will be made on May 25th.

A-Basin has already said it would like to run the lifts for skiers and snowboarders, with full social distancing measures in place.

The resort often has skiing in June and into July due to its altitude and winter snow record.

When the Governor extended the ban on skiing on May 2nd the resort said it was still hopeful.

“The governor’s most recent order extending the ski area closure to May 23 does not change anything for Arapahoe Basin” said the resort in a statement to local media at the time.

“We will continue our efforts to open as soon as it makes sense for our community. Because our season is scheduled to last until June 7, at least, we believe we still have time.”

Colorado extends ban on skiing in ski resorts

Aspen is another resort that sometimes offers limited June skiing, but it has said it will not reopen for snowsports and will concentrate on summer activities instead.

The ski state of Colorado has been badly hit by the virus, with 987 covid-19 deaths.

“In the next week, we’re just starting to see the very first people who could have become infected as the initial restrictions were loosened,” said Governor Polaris.

Before deciding whether to allow ski resorts to operate and whether restaurants can resume dine-in services, Polis said he wants to see the data on second- and third-generation cases of the virus.

“The state cannot go purely from data collected in the two weeks since the stay-at-home order was lifted,” Polis said.

“But rather must wait until later in May to understand the degree to which new cases are being spread to others.”

Seeing the restrictions on camp sites that can now open sheds some light on what the ski resorts may look like.

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the state will conduct a phased reopening of campgrounds, beginning at 50% capacity.

All campers must make reservations in advance.

They are urged to bring all food and supplies with them and not go shopping on the way to, or from the campgrounds.

Social distancing requirements must be strictly adhered to.

Polaris has also asked people to stay within 10-miles of their home.